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240 items.

Or it’s the Cthulhu wave?

So much water :U it worked though I guess?

Birds, smh.

They only leak whenever you’re standing under there or the table has just been cleaned >:|

Felt bad and awkward, but also insulted?

I thought maybe it was some awful spider or a whole bunch of bugs, but no just one really busy ant.

Can’t concentrate at all that early.

I keep forgetting to eat before work and realize it about 30 minutes after I get there :\

I like wearing a hat kind of maybe?

I dunno, something about not riding a mile and a half in 10 minutes in 90+ weather.

I can’t help it, squirtle is just the perfect turtle.

Supposedly it’s a disinfectant? Who knows.

It’s really dark in a freezer without the light on and the door shut :|

Ughghghg, like a warm seat but worse

I originally applied for my job to be a busboy because I didn’t know that you could just start waiting tables with no experience.