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264 items.

I knew I was going to waste the whole day :T

Luckily there are 3 buses that pass by my stop and the main one I think runs two buses.

I think I’ll wake up, but I won’t be AWAKE especially for 7 hours without eating :U

The work was really good, just some weird printing and binding of things.

The more free time I get the less I take.

I bought CDs the day before too, I thought I was going to have to turn in a flash drive and have to figure out when to go get it back over summer, but he just copied it off the drive, so now I have 30 blank CDs for no reason :T

I like making the project and the prints are nice but making them ready to present is a nightmare.

So confusing :T

It’s just a lot of small changes :T

My last figure drawing class forever I think :C

Chips and salsa :9

Yep :T

I don’t know why they thought we’d be closed

My poor inks :C Luckily it was mostly pure color not a lot of complicated mixing

So much stuff :T