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49 items.

This thing is currently collapsed with the papers sitting in it, going to try to find some wood glue and remake it, but I think getting two cardboard boxes stacked on each other is what it’ll come down to.

I usually can avoid getting candy, but for some reason I always end up with gum even though I know I’ll regret it when my mouth gets sore later.

Those inks are awesome, but since I never start with a plan when we’re painting it’s nice for them to have some opacity to go over older mistakes.

There is so much stuff at good grocery stores, so much stuff that I can look at and read and then never buy because I don’t know what I’d do with it.

I probably should have bought the book after that but I decided I would pick it up later and got the other stuff that I knew I was there for.

I am referring to Daniel of Disquietville who made this great tribute comic to Bill Blackbeard a few months ago when he passed away.

That pizza is so good, favorite pizza place.

I’m pretty good about reading stuff I get in the mail, but books and stuff I get at shops take me forever to get around to, but THICKNESS is so good, you should really get that book.

It wasn’t like the self-checkout was the only lane, go in the other lanes if you’re just going to whine the whole time!
I put the wrong date on this, oops.

For a while I thought I wasn’t going to be able to use a computer, it still happens a little right after I play but I’m able to get used to seeing things quicker now.

I’ve bought way more comics than I should recently, I really don’t have time to read them, and I have a whole bunch I haven’t read yet from last time, oh well.
Here’s a picture of the books I bought over the past week, most excited about the Ron Rége book because he’s one of my favorite cartoonists ever, but I’m looking forward to the others too.

I think it said the box was $3 or something ridiculous which is half what it cost to mail my thing through the post office :|

I don’t buy a lot of stuff, but I like looking at all the different stuff they have.

I was kind of surprised there were only two other people looking for the game, even that silly wii-fit thing had more people looking for it at midnight. I really like the new game, I got white version and chose Snivy as my starter. I drew a picture of that dude too.

I think I missed the mark here, this probably needed 4-8 more panels to really get just how weird this place was, she seemed like a strange robot. Also recently I’ve begun trying very hard to get an accurate sense of how old someone is because of the TABC.