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34 items.


That’s all I need for most songs I’ve heard, I just don’t remember titles at all.

Phillip Glass’ Glassworks

Annoying isn’t quite the right word because I like both those bands, but weird but not too weird.


The album I was thinking of was The Mae Shi’s HLLLYH but I don’t know if that was really what I wanted to listen to

In the alternate ending I’m singing Good Vibrations to the tune of Goodbye Sunshine which works for a second then “oh that’s wrong”

Almost everything can be made better this way

Yep :T


Everything sounds better LOUD!

Some were really really burnt and I tried playing one and wow, what a cool remix!

Mashing together Space Jam and Hey Ya :T

I like going in the classroom alone, but I didn’t want it too loud. I think the radio program I was listening to one turntable was playing too loud and the other was playing too soft?

They sound better, but take up so much space! And I can’t take them to the library!