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I like petting animals :>

Blue Merle Australlian Shepherd :> can’t wait for thanksgiving to play with viktor again tho

Drawing comics is fun! Why would I need a break?

I wanted to take a break from drawing comics all day by drawing comics all day and it was really good!

This is a lot of fun, but almost ran into so many things :T

Sometimes I forget that by just doing the work enough it will eventually be good and fun.

Yeah, I wouldn’t have won both games without significant advice, but now I want to play more?

This is why I usually don’t have a kneaded eraser with me.

They take a long time, but so far they’re turing out nicely.

I hope we’re taking pictures of it.

Drawing is the best, gotta stop forgetting that.

It was a really really good fire though.

Laura is the nicest and is an expert on how Medabots is the best show, and she looked at every single book in Kinokuniya with me.
She also recently put all the issues of her amazing comic Bug Boys online and you should read all of those because they are some of my favorite comics ever.

I can’t wait for this comic to be online, so much puke.

Trying to learn how Famitracker works, you can listen to some music and stuff here