So yesterday I spent most of the night making little animations!

First this one about what I do whenever I read comics,

Specifically I was reading Lizz Hickey's comics, she has an awesome comic which is for sale Vol 1 of Danny Jeremy Carol Comics which you should probably buy if you can because it's great!

Then I made a couple more because it was fun, which you can check out below the cut!

First a little Guy Riding a Salamander/Dinosaur/??

And this Scooter Girl

Which I also made a really quick music track to listen to while she scoots, also because I was trying to get the colors fixed.

While I was making these I got an AWESOME piece of Gift Art from Ashley Davis!!

It's so cool!!!!!!!
This is pretty much exactly what he is like!! Ashley Davis is the mastermind behind Once Upon a Pixel (also avaliable on DVD) and is about to start an awesome looking comic that I'm super excited about called Jailbird!
Thank you Ashley!!!!!! You're THE BEST!!

Speaking of Gift Art, Tuesday was International Draw Cat Rackham Day!
So I joined in and drew a couple Cat Rackhams!
By Ian Andersen
By Ian Andersen
You can view the whole set with everyone else's Cat Rackhams on Flickr

Also, these are a bit old now, but I guess I forgot to share them here, oops!
These were mostly made just as practice doodles to get back into using my tablet because I hadn't been using it much.

I also finally made my entry for the now (sadly) defunct Portraitdex blog (which was also made by Steve Wolfhard the creator of Cat Rackham!)

Okay, I guess that's all for now, going to try to figure out some sort of update schedule so stuff like this doesn't happen, but since all of this has already been on tumblr you might just want to subscribe there too. Mine is HERE next time I post here though I'll try to have non-tumblr stuff.