So I drew a bunch of Simpsons fanart the last few days because Lulinterweb told me to. If you tell me to give into binge drawing when I'm about to start I probably will do it, but you probably need to tell me on twitter

First page has some blurs because it's part of something that I'm not ready to share yet, the rest is whatever, mostly Bart and Bomer.

Also here are a couple colored things from those sketches

The Tepig in Boots Inspired by Ashley Davis (the only person who chose Tepig as a starter?) and Kate Beaton (cartoonist of pigs in boots)

Also I wrote an article for Maré Odomo's pokémon blog MAX REVIVE which you can read HERE

There are a few more illustrations with the article this is just the title image.

I think that's all for now, next sketches post will be from the book I've almost finished during classes at school.