Okay, so most of this is online already at tumblr, and I think I'll be doing some scanning of doodle pages tomorrow, but I need to try and make a post with some images so I'm going to put up some stuff I've got sitting in my computer already.

Here's the final painting I did in my design class, my mice were in 5 other paintings, it was a lot of fun seeing those little guys even though they were a little freaked out.

I don't think I ever posted this online

I also don't think this is online and it's close enough to Christmas now for it probably.

I made this logo for Koyama Press, I like Aaron's original a lot

I also made this just tonight for fun

Okay I think that's it for tonight I'll try to upload some of the stuff I have sitting and get more organized so I upload some stuff each week, probably a big box that I'll put stuff to be scanned into.